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hanover for import and contracting and oil services
our mission
  • Provide special customer care in every single detail that we sale and provide, help our clients to get the best in the market.
  • Provide goods and procurements that match international standers and qualifications.
  • Pushing delivery time to the maximum limits, so that we serve better.
  • Do our best to provide live time long projects and equipments.
Welcome to Hanover for Import - Contracting and Oil Services
Hanover was established in 2004, with all the enough powers and labor to compete strongly with working companies in such flied.
We started mainly in Electrical supplies and basic filed supplies. Since that time me approved great success and raped business grow in all department and we expect more.
We refer that to the good management system, the perfect working policy and professional labor we employee.
electrical trading
electrical Trading
  • Load Break.
  • Electric Meters.
  • Electric- Capacitors.
  • O.H.L & Cable accessories.
  • Surge Arresters.
  • Electric apparatus Proection.
  • Earthing Materials.
  • Trans Former.
  • Electrical - Insulators.
  • Electrical - Insulating Testors.
  • Measurement & Testing Eq.
  • Fuses & Fused Breakers.
We are a regestered distriputors of Cofran
Automotive Range:
  • Engine Lubricants.
  • Manual and automatic gear lubricants.
  • Special Items:
    • Cooling Fluid.
    • Brake Fluid.
    • Sprays.
Commercial Range - Transport, Civil works, Fishing.
  • Engine lubricants.
  • Transmission lubricants......more
Oil, Gas, water Instruments
oil, gas, water instruments
  • Monitoring the start-up support burner.
  • Volume measurement in desalination.
  • Control of raw water supply.
  • Water volumes in the main cooling water system.
  • Ph measurement in desulphurization.
  • Density measurement in deslphvrization.
  • Quality control in the water/steam system.
  • Condactivety and Oxygen measurement.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • Data acquisition.
  • Innovation of level in the water/steam system.
  • dp Level/dp Flow int water/steam system.
  • Leakage detection at the generator (Service at all levels)
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